University of Toronto

RowanProfessor Rowan Sage Rowan is Professor of Plant Biology in the Ecology and Evolution Department at Toronto. His research addresses physiological mechanisms governing photosynthetic responses to CO2 and temperature, and the ecophysiology of C4 plant evolution. He is noted for identifying the number of independent origins of C4 photosynthesis, and for his work on the driving mechanisms of C4 evolution. His lab is currently identifying new intermediate species of C4 evolution to better understand how the C4 pathway evolved. He edited the highly cited 1999 volume C4 Plant Biology.

TammyProfessor Tammy Sage Tammy is an Associate Professor of Plant Biology in the Ecology and Evolution Department at Toronto. Her research focuses on elucidating the cellular and developmental events associated with the evolution of C4 photosynthesis in higher plants, and the developmental physiology of the unique aspects of the rice leaf. In this work, she utilizes high resolution imaging with photosynthetic gas exchange assessments, transcriptomics, immunohistochemistry, and bioinformatics. Her work aims to understand the functional significance of plant structure in an evolutionary context, and to use this understanding to inform crop improvement strategies.

Roxana Khoshravesh photo for C4 rice Phase IIIRoxana Khoshravesh Roxana is a postdoc in Tammy Sage’s group. Her research focuses on understanding cellular and developmental events of leaf growth in rice and C4 grass species. She employs a range of microscopic and molecular techniques to identify the spatial and temporal regulatory networks that will enable the engineering of a C4 rice leaf. Her broader research interests utilize additional techniques such as phylogenomics and phylogeography to understand the driving mechanisms of C4 evolution in a range of eudicots and monocot families.